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Dead Men Sip No Ales VII - Sailing The Seven Seas


pirate beer


Aye! Sit back and I'll tell ye a wee tale I heard from the Captain's Daughter. She was told as a child that there be a Fair Maiden. That Fair Maiden was seen with the infamous Foley Brothers. Together, they hoisted the Grey Sails and set out on a Mission to travel all Seven Seas, looking to Plunder any booty along the way. She became the greatest female pirate they'd ever laid their SeaQuenched eyes upon. One moonless night, the ship slid in silently to a harbor called Dogfish Head. They buried the treasure and drank until their hearts were content. THE END...

Dead Men Sip No Ales VII - Sailing The Seven Seas


Ep. 320 - Pi Day


March 14th is considered Pi/Pie Day. The one day a year when math geeks and dessert freaks can put aside their differences and share the one thing that they can all agree on: Beer. Yes, beer. Beer that not only tastes like pie, but beer that can also be paired with pie. In this episode, we try Pi/Pie-inspired beer like the Lizard Of Koz from Founders, Iduna Cru from B. United International, Death By Coconut from Oskar Blues and Sugaree Maple Bourbon Pecan Pie from Highwater. Thanks for checking out the show and we'd love your support: https://www.patreon.com/beercoasterspodcast . Cheers!

Ep. 320 - Pi Day


Ep. 319 - Beer For Babies


It's the age-old question: What beer is best for your little tyke? Is this somewhat offensive?  Stop being such a Wussie and drink your beer, kid!  That's what my grandpa said to me while I was eating Oatmeal for Breakfast and watching Saturday Morning Cartoons.


This is episode 319 of the Beer Coasters Podcast and we are trying craft beer from Arrogant Brewing, Berkshire Brewing, Brew Rebellion and Founders Brewing.  Check out the "Beer For Breakfast" episode where Mike tried the Founders Breakfast Stout.  Cheers!


Ep. 319 - Beer For Babies