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Dead Men Sip No Ales VI - The Calm Before The Storm

This be our sixth epic voyage into charted waters.  But, this is no ordinary journey.  These waters seem strangely placid and uneventful.  It seems months have gone by and the crew has seen no action.  Not a single Sea Hag to quench their thirst.  Aye, but this is merely the Calm Before The Storm.  So, me Buckos, have your Iron Balls at the ready - it's going to be a rough ride!  Cheers!



Intro music: "Escaping The Kraken" by Peter Crowley Fantasy Dream

Dead Men Sip No Ales VI - The Calm Before The Storm


Backyard Beer Tastings Ep 12 - Mission Brewery El Conquistador

In this episode of Backyard Beer Tastings, Beer Coaster Toby pillages the El Conquistador from Mission Brewery. This beer would go perfect with our pirate-themed shows, the Dead Men Sip No Ales Series. If you have a favorite session IPA, please comment and let us know. Cheers!




Backyard Beer Tastings Ep 12 - Mission Brewery El Conquistador


Gose Before Hoes

The unwritten law that Gose come before Hoes is the theme of this edition of The Beer Coasters Podcast.  This show is a re-visit for us of the recently resurrected style from Germany: the Gose.  It's a rather briny, partial wheat ale that's sure to make you slap a hoe.  For our Fermentation Conversation, we try Otra Vez from Sierra Nevada.  Mike tries the Rising Tide Seven Barrel Series Gose while Toby tries the Briney Melon Gose from Anderson Valley.  For a bonus beer, Toby tries the Citrus Gose from Toolbox Brewing.  Don't forget: Gose before Hoes and we'll see you next time.  Cheers, bitches!


Gose Before Hoes