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Ep. 325 - Double Shot



In this episode, Mike and Toby have coffee together. Don't tell Tony, he gets jealous easy. It's a quick couple sips with only two beers: the Aftershock Brewing Espresso Stout and the Brewmaster Jack Elbow Room. Cheers!

Ep. 325 - Double Shot


Ep. 324 - The Beer Coasters Have Nine Lives



Cats have "nine lives", so the story goes.  If that were the case with the Beer Coasters Podcast, we'd have at least six more lives left.  It's a story of triumph, really.  A story similar to the epic Leo v. Ursus, overcoming the odds and surviving in a world of fierce competition between craft beer podcasts.  Whether it's the ferociousness of a White Lion, or the sluggishness of a Fat Orange Cat, we are here to stay.  Meow - I mean, ROAR!

Ep. 324 - The Beer Coasters Have Nine Lives


Ep. 323 - Wild Wild West


You don't have to be an Outlaw or a Beerslinger to understand how wild the West can be.  Here on the Beer Coasters Podcast, we don't rope cows, we Punch 'em!  When we saddle up and stroll into town, you best be ready for a gunfight.  And if you think you can take us, Mr. Cowboy; Hoppy Ki Yay!

Ep. 323 - Wild Wild West