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"New" Season Premiere

Boy, do we have a special show for you? In this, our 331st episode, we try some new beers. It's the beginning of a new season - and we get to drink beer with Ryan Newhouse! So, ya, this episode is all "new". For our Fermentation Conversation, all four of us check out the Voodoo Ranger Juicy Haze IPA from New Belgium. After firing off some tettnang tettnager questions at Ryan, we rap about our favorite beer experiences and get a sneak peek at this year's Conference. Ryan Newhouse is a widely published freelance writer with marketing and outreach experience. Ryan is also working with Zephyr Conferences, a group hosting this year's Beer Bloggers Conference. During the show, Ryan decided to crack another beer, so the rest of us joined in with our own Bonus Beer: Ryan smokes a cigar with a bottle of The Last Nail from Fremont Brewing, Tony tries the Gunner's Daughter from Mass Landing, Mike eclipses a pint of M's New Moon and Toby sips on the Blood Orange Wit from Refuge Brewing. Thanks for listening and we'll see you next time. Cheers!

"New" Season Premiere


Citra Ass Down and Have a Beer

It's time to Citra Ass Down and Have a Beer! That's right, fun time is over. It's time to focus the entire show on the ever-so-popular Citra hop. Mike and Toby crack a can of the Citra Ass Down from Against The Grain Brewing. Tony causes some Mischief, Toby sports his Guyabera and Mike hops(see what I did there) on the CitraBus for a ride into beer town. Thanks for checking out our 330th episode - which is our season 9 finale! Yes, 9 full years of craft beer podcasting. Jealous? Cheers!

Citra Ass Down and Have a Beer


Backyard Beer Tastings Ep. 20 - Alaskan Husky IPA

In this episode, Toby tries the Alaskan Beer Husky IPA. It's a clean, easy-drinking, low-bitterness India Pale Ale.

Alaskan Husky IPA



Backyard Beer Tastings Ep. 20 - Alaskan Husky IPA