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Ep. 323 - Wild Wild West


You don't have to be an Outlaw or a Beerslinger to understand how wild the West can be.  Here on the Beer Coasters Podcast, we don't rope cows, we Punch 'em!  When we saddle up and stroll into town, you best be ready for a gunfight.  And if you think you can take us, Mr. Cowboy; Hoppy Ki Yay!

Ep. 323 - Wild Wild West


Ep. 322 - Beer Science

beer science

They're nerdy. They're outcasts. They're the Beer Coasters and it's their turn to prove that brains over brawn will most likely get the girl - or beer for that matter. The beers we try in this episode are: Breaking Bud from Knee Deep Brewing, Intergalactic Acid by The Tap, HopAtomic from Lovelady and Harpoon UFO's Huckleberry. Thanks for joining us for another fun episode of the Beer Coasters Podcast and don't shy from sending us an email or Tweet us. Cheers!

You can also check out Mike's previous experience with the Intergalactic Acid here.



Ep. 322 - Beer Science


Dead Men Sip No Ales VII - Sailing The Seven Seas


pirate beer


Aye! Sit back and I'll tell ye a wee tale I heard from the Captain's Daughter. She was told as a child that there be a Fair Maiden. That Fair Maiden was seen with the infamous Foley Brothers. Together, they hoisted the Grey Sails and set out on a Mission to travel all Seven Seas, looking to Plunder any booty along the way. She became the greatest female pirate they'd ever laid their SeaQuenched eyes upon. One moonless night, the ship slid in silently to a harbor called Dogfish Head. They buried the treasure and drank until their hearts were content. THE END...

Dead Men Sip No Ales VII - Sailing The Seven Seas