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Buggin' Out


Are you constantly pestered by insects? Do you despise flies? Are they constantly in your beer or in your food? Have no fear - the Bug Zapper is here! So, put those Windows Up and plug in the mosquito frier, it's time for another episode of the Beer Coasters Podcast. Cheers!

Episode 332 - Buggin' Out


Backyard Beer Tastings Ep. 23 - Coronado Brewing Seacoast Pilsner


 In this episode of Backyard Beer Tastings, Toby in San Diego tries the Seacoast Pilsner from Coronado Brewing. We don't try too many pilsners on the show, so we'd encourage you to check these episodes from years back:

The Pilsner Issue

Take Your Pils Issue

Backyard Beer Tastings Ep. 23 - Coronado Brewing Seacoast Pilsner


Backyard Beer Tastings Ep. 22 - New Belgium Citradelic


Toby is continuing to Citra Ass Down and Have a Beer with the Citradelic Tangerine IPA from New Belgium Brewing. Thanks for joining us for another episode of Backyard Beer Tastings - this time from San Diego, CA. Feel free to share this with all your Craft Beer Curious friends out there. Cheers!

Backyard Beer Tastings Ep. 22 - New Belgium Citradelic