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Ep. 328 - A Shot In The Dark

In this, our 328th episode, we take a shot in the dark and try one IPA and three dark beers.  For our Fermentation Conversation, we load up the six shooter with a Sierra Nevada Hop Bullet.  Tony grows out his hair a bit and tries the Werewolves Of Cambridge from Lamplighter.  Mike checks out X from Mayflower Brewing and Toby cracks a City Of The Dead Nitro from Modern Times.  Thanks for checking out the show and don't forget to follow us on Steemit and Bitchute.  Cheers!

Ep. 328 - A Shot In The Dark


Ep. 327 - Back To The Future

In this episode of the Beer Coasters Podcast, the Coasters travel back in time. Back to a time when their palates were young and innocent. A time when decisions were made because Darth Vader from the planet Vulcan said so - or he'd melt their brains. The beers they revisit are what Mike calls "craft classics". Beers like the Samuel Adams Boston Lager, the Sierra Nevada Pale Ale and the Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA. So, whether you make like a tree and get outta here, things are heavy, or, you try to explain what a re-run is, you'd better not call the Beer Coasters "chicken". Cheers!


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Ep. 327 - Back To The Future


Ep. 326 - Halloween Resurrection

It's our seventh Halloween special and the Beer Coasters have been resurrected! Crawling from the beer podcast graveyard, Mike and Toby search for Tony in the afterlife. We try the Stone Enjoy By 10-31-17 and hope it's still fresh.  Mike gets slimed with some Ectoplasm while  Toby gets all Pinchy Jeek Barl with a pumpkin beer. There's even a bonus beer with the Flesh And Blood from Dogfish Head. Cheers and have a safe and happy Halloween!

Ep. 326 - Halloween Resurrection