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Beer Coasters It Burns When I-P-A Issue

 We're heading to the clinic this week.  For some reason, it burns when I-P-A.  Maybe it's because all the beers we're trying this week are brewed with chili peppers.  Maybe it's due to some bad decisions we made in college.  Either way, beer will most likely be the remedy.  It always is, right?  And, it's in time for #IPApril!
For our Fermentation Conversation and YouTube tasting, we pick a peck of the Alaskan Jalapeño Imperial IPA.  Mike tries to keep Crazy Dave awake with the Viva Habanera from Night Shift.  Crazy Dave attempts a suplex with the Clown Shoes Luchador en Fuego and Toby checks out a new arrival to the show, the Rio Grande Pancho Verde Chili Cerveza.  Once the burn subsides, we will be back next week for Good Friday.  Cheers!

Beer Coasters It Burns When I-P-A Issue


Beer Coasters Children Of The Cornwater Issue

April 1st, 2014, the Beer Coasters attempt to find their favorite of the Big Three: Bud Light, Coors Light and Miller Lite.  Yes, it was an April Fools show and here it is for your listening enjoyment.  You can also watch it on YouTube.  Cheers!



Beer Coasters Children Of The Cornwater Issue


Beer Coasters Dead Men Sip No Ales IV Black Sails Issue

'Twas the golden age of piracy, 1715, seven years before ye Rebel 'o Boston, Samuel Adams be born. This time, we're on the hunt...and in leaving Beer Valley, we raise the Black Flag. A Stowaway named Baxter be lurking on the ship as we pull into the Shipyard of New Providence Isle. Loaded up with the coveted Black India Pale Ale, we pirates threaten the maritime trade in these waters. The laws of every civilised nation declare us enemies of all mankind. In response, we pirates adhere to a doctrine of our own: War Against The World!  Yo Ho Beer Coasters!  Yo Ho!



Beer Coasters Dead Men Sip No Ales IV Black Sails Issue