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Caught Mid-Fall


Fall is in full swing.  The pumpkins have ripened and have been picked and put into our beer.  Thanksgiving is over.  Now it's time to reflect and give thanks.  Having been caught mid-Fall, the Beer Coasters try to squeeze in yet another pumpkin beer show.  In this episode, Tony tries the Imperial Pumpkin Ale from Weyerbacher - the same one Mike had during the GourdAle Kombat pumpkin challenge episode.  Toby orders a Venti of the Pumpkin Spice Latte from Breckenridge Brewery and Mike shreds the Master Of Pumpkins from Tröegs.  We hope everyone has been safe and is spending some quality time with loved ones.  Preferably with beer in hand.  Cheers!

Caught Mid-Fall


British Invasion

It was the early '60's and music was changing.  The blokes from across the pond started making the teenage girls of the U.S. all hot and bothered.  In this episode, we try some British staples: the London Pride form Fuller's, the Taddy Porter from Samuel Smith and the Young's Double Chocolate Stout.  Whether or not you feel these beers are the benchmark in their respected styles, you can't deny the way they've shaped the modern beer world.  Cheers!

British Invasion


Glutenous Minimus - A Gluten-Free Beer Show


 Gluten-free beer sure has come a long way.  In this episode, we are joined by author of the recent book "The Essential Gluten Free Guide", Gina Williams(who also happens to be Beer Coaster Toby's wife). We are also joined by the Beer Jargon Guy, Steve Glutenberg, Wayne Gluten and Sir Isaac Gluten to discuss this recent trend in craft beer.  The beers in question are the Stone Delicious IPA, the New Belgium Glütiny, the Red Ale from Glutenberg and Choco Nut Lust from Duck Foot Brewing Company.  Check out Gina's website: HealthYana.net for more info on her new book.  Cheers!

Glutenous Minimus - A Gluten-Free Beer Show