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It's time to grab you're f**king shine box!  That's right, it's time for the GourdFellas to teach you a little bit about some pumpkin beers.  It's time to take you to the Pumpkin Patch, time to be Steadfast like Ichabod or some sort of Rumpkin.  Let's hope this tory has a rise - without a fall - and entertains you.  What?  Like a clown? Do we amuse you?  Cheers!




Higher Grounds

Coffee beers are fantastic.  We love coffee and we love beer, so why not brew them together?  Especially during the colder months of the year.  For our Fermentation Conversation, Mike and Toby try out the Coffee Milk Stout from Stone Brewing.  Although this beer is solely from Stone, they did, however collaborate with San Diego local roaster, Ryan Bros.  Mike prefers his coffee French pressed from Autocrat in Narragansett, while Toby hangs out with his 3 Best Friends over a Coffee Vanilla Lager from Sudwerk.  Due to last minute schedule changes, Tony was unable to join us for this episode.  But, have no fear, Tony will be back next time.  Cheers!

Higher Grounds


The Hoppy Camper

Hey.  I've got an idea.  Let's burn a couple vacation days, pack up the car, drive to the Wild Sierra and sleep on the ground, eating beans out of the can while breathing in a bunch of smoke!  We can heat up our food by way of a Fire Rock.  Yeah that sounds like fun!  We must make sure we pack our canoe, in case we decide to go Whitewater rafting.  We could take a day hike through a Field, hoping we aren't attacked by a bear or elk or a rabid squirrel.  Oh boy, oh boy I can't wait!  Cheers!

The Hoppy Camper