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Drink Like A Czar (From Russia With Love)

In this episode, we pair up with Craft Beer Hound to help you "Drink Like A Czar".  By drinking like a Czar, we mean drinking some Russian Imperial Stouts, of course.  For our Fermentation Conversation we are joined by Tony Leone and we try The Czar from Avery Brewing.  Mike checks in with Money Penny to get info on D.O.R.I.S. The Destroyer, Tony avoids a T.K.O. with the Lights Out Stout from Charter Oak and Toby fits in a couple T-shaped and L-shaped blocks with the Imperiale from Ninkasi. Thanks for joining us and don't forget to visit for some cool beer gifts.  Cheers!


Drink Like A Czar (From Russia With Love)


Charlie And The Chocolate Beer Factory

Come with me... and you'll be... in a world of constant fermentation...

Welcome, my friends.  Welcome to my chocolate beer factory.  For this episode, we are joined by Beer Coaster Charlie, we've got our golden tickets and we're trying out some chocolate beers.  Our Fermentation Conversation beer is the Stone Smoked Porter With Chocolate And Orange Peel.  Toby and Charlie get fizzy lifted after sipping on the New Belgium / Perennial Artisan Ales Salted Belgian Chocolate Stout.  Mike trips out on a magic boat ride and thinks he sees a Purple Monkey Dishwasher from Evil Genius.  Thanks for joining us.  Cheers!

Charlie And The Chocolate Beer Factory


SexuALE Healing

This episode of the Beer Coasters Podcast is dedicated to those tender moments, shared between two lovers, between the sheets.  It's Valentine's Day.  Yes, the day you're supposed to have a Date Night and act like a Horny Devil.  But, beware of the Sex Panther - it's pure gasoline.  Cheers!

SexuALE Healing