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Rock Of Ales

It's time to rock out with our c**ks out! Yeeeeeaaaahhh! Tight leather pants... Big hair... Power slides... That's right, my fellow rockers, time to pay tribute to '80's hair metal.  This show is as good as that HiFi+LoFi Mix Tape that your boyfriend made for you in 7th grade.  Better than when you slipped in puke when you saw Poison LIVE. Almost as good as when you stage dove at that Danish Metal concert - I think the band was called Bierwerker die Königin.  This show is dedicated to fellow Beer Coaster, Tony Leone, who stars in the smash hit "Rock Of Ages" at the Warner Theatre this February.  Cheers!

Rock Of Ales


Hoppy Festivus: Holiday Beers for 2015

Many Christmases ago, I went to buy an 8 Maids-A-Milking from The Bruery for an upcoming episode of the Beer Coasters Podcast.  As I reached for the last one they had, but so did another man.  As I rained blows upon him I realized there had to be another way!  Out of that, a new holiday was born: A Festivus for the rest of us!

After the Festivus dinner, we all gather around the fireplace and have a Fireside Chat and tell all the Homewreckers how they've disappointed us over the past year.  Instead of a Jovial tree, there's a pole, which requires no decorating - we find tinsel distracting.  Happy Festivus everyone!


Festivus Song by Danny Lutz

Festivus Song by Brett Houston


Hoppy Festivus: Holiday Beers for 2015


Dragon Slayer: Viking Themed Beers

During the Dark Ages, Dragons were a terrible threat to the indigenous peoples of the Nordic world. Vikings were often called upon to slay many of these fierce beasts. Legend has it, the Draken was the most feared and most sought after - mainly for it's intoxicating Dragon's Milk. And, during the colder months, the milk would turn, making it resemble a sweet Coffee And Chocolate. Join your fellow craft beer warriors in this adventure into the world of Dragons and Vikings. Cheers!



Dragon Slayer: Viking Themed Beers