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Juvenile Deliquid

Hipster Brewfus is back and the third time's the charm!  In this episode we try to insult Hipster Brewfus by feeding him a session IPA in our low ABV special, "Juvenile Deliquid".  Because y'know, young people can enjoy them better.  Right?  For our Fermentation Conversation, all three of us will try the DayTime from Lagunitas.  Toby heads down to Ponto with a can from Pizza Port Brewing, Brewfus hooks up with some jail bait - I mean Jailbreak Brewing's The Infinite and Mike goes Over Easy from Otter Creek.  A big thanks to Hipster Brewfus for joining us and we hope to have him back real soon.  Cheers!

Juvenile Deliquid


Belgian Spring (Drink Like A Monk)

With Spring coming to a close, we felt we couldn't leave out the Trappsit Monks.  They don't say much, but they brew some fantastic beer.  As the weather warms, Belgian beers really do hit the spot.  In this episode, Mike and Toby pay homage to some of the most devout brewers in Europe - and the U.S.!  For our Fermentation Conversation, we try the Westmalle Tripel.  Toby heads over to Saint Bernardus and sips the Tripel, just before Mike checks out a homegrown Trappist, the Spencer Trappist Ale.  That's right folks, the first and only Trappist Brewery in the United States.  And it's in Massachusetts to boot!  Thanks again for listening and following.  And don't forget: after listening to this show, head over to Craft Beer Hound and use our promo code for some great savings.  Cheers!

Belgian Spring (Drink Like A Monk)


Wild Dogs!

We're still here... and we're still wild!  In this episode, we happen to be Wild Dogs.  Two beers only.  Both with "dog" in their name.  And that's pretty much it.  Toby, unleashed and frothing at the mouth, sips on a very old Dogma from Brew Dog.  Mike, running free across the land, is a true American Beauty with Dogfish Head.  Thanks to all our subscribers and long-time(and new) listeners, we really appreciate you.  Please let us know what you think of the show and whether or not you have any suggestions.  Life has been pretty crazy and we thank you for your patience.  Cheers! @BeerCoasterMike, @BeerCoasterToby


Wild Dogs!