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Dumb And Dumber IPAs

Mike and Toby are heading to Aspen, California.  Where the beer flows like wine and the women distinctively flock like the salmon of Capistrano.  Oh, the adventures they'll have.  They ran into some trouble with the local rednecks who called them an Idiot from Coronado.  Then they crashed a party and got drunk off some bubbly Hop Stoopid.  After this week's show, you can decide which is Dumb and which is Dumber.  Cheers!

Dumb And Dumber IPAs


Our Fine Feathered Friends

We hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving - last year!.  We sure did.  We had The Beer Babe over for dinner and there were so many leftovers, we had to freeze a bunch.  So, here you go, our 2014 Thanksgiving show - defrosted.  Mike and Toby get ready to pluck the Wild Turkey Bourbon Barrel Stout from Anderson Valley while Carla(the Beer Babe) cracks a can of some White Thai from Westbrook(because the can has a bird on it).  And then, Mike goes for a bonus beer with Three Cranes from Mystic Brewing.  Cheers!

Our Fine Feathered Friends


12 Beers Of Christmas Vol. 4

In our final installment of this year's #12BeersOfXmas, we are joined by Mid-Atlantic transient, Laundromat beer drinking extraordinaire, Hipster Brewfus.  The third beer of Christmas is enjoyed by Mike, the Yule Tide from Heavy Seas.  Hipster Brewfus tries the second beer of Christmas, St. Festivus from Brewer's Art and Toby gives an angel it's wings with the Angel's Share Ale from The Lost Abbey.  Thanks for joining for another great year in beer.  See you in 2015!  Cheers!

12 Beers Of Christmas Vol. 4