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12 Beers Of Christmas Vol. 3

You'll never guess who decided to pop in for the holidays.  No, not cousin Eddie.  It is Beer Coaster Chris!  Yes, the original Beer Coasters are back and celebrating with gusto.  Toby sips on some Winter Cheers from Victory, Chris receives his Holiday Bonus from Lakewood and Mike smooches under the Smistletoe from Smuttynose.  The 12 Beers Of Christmas is almost over, but here on the podcast, the fun never stops.  Cheers!

12 Beers Of Christmas Vol. 3


12 Beers Of Christmas Vol. 2

For the 2nd volume in our 12 Beers Of Christmas series, we drink the 9th, 8th and 7th beers.  And to make it a very special episode, we are joined by not one, but two girls!  Yes, Beer Coaster Brittany is back as Renee lurks in the shadows behind Mike.  The 9th Beer of Christmas is Clown Shoes Reindeer Games, the 8th Beer of Christmas is the Triple Black Rye IPA from Black Market Brewing and the 7th is the Back Home Gingerbread Stout from Golden Road.  Thanks to all the special guests we've had so far in this festive month of holiday drinking.  Cheers!

12 Beers Of Christmas Vol. 2


12 Beers Of Christmas Vol. 1

Our good friend, Tony Leone over at Beer411, gave us the idea to try 12 different holiday beers in the month of December.  In this issue, we are joined by Tony and we try the first three in the dozen: the 12th, the 11th and the 10th Beers Of Christmas.

 For the 12th Beer Of Christmas our true love Tony gave us the Relic Brewing Biere de Noel.  On the 11th Beer of Christmas, Toby banged his head with Santa while enjoying the Sleigh'r from Ninkasi.  The 10th Beer Of Christmas had Mike in the spirit of sharing(with Tony), with the Holiday Ale from Two Roads.  Thanks for checking out part one in our four-part Holiday Beer series.  Cheers!




12 Beers Of Christmas Vol. 1