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Beer Coasters World Tour - Lost In The Mediterranean

Where are we?  Last week we were along the Italian Riviera and now we're somewhere a little less familiar.  Some of the places we've stopped to drink beer have seemed a little... third world.  It seems to fit, since it's our third World Tour.  But, alas, we are lost.  Crazy Dave and Toby stop off in Croatia to try the Karlovacko Pivo Beer while Mike chills out in Spain with Montseny Hivenale and DeDues Original Ale.  Crazy Dave, now confused, ends up in Lebanon, drinking the Almaza Pilsener Beer.  Thanks for joining us on yet another World Tour.  Fisehatak! Salud! Zivjeli!  Cheers!

Beer Coasters World Tour - Lost In The Mediterranean


Beer Coasters World Tour - Italia

World Tour time, baby!  It's our third time searching the globe for new beer to imbibe.  This time, we're heading to the Mediterranean to see what the Riviera has to offer.  Mike checks out the Super from Baladin, Crazy Dave goes for the standard Birra Moretti Rossa and Toby tries a bottle of the Amacord Bionda.  For a Bonus Track, Mike tries the Birra Del Borgo Etrusca, wishing he would have tried it next to the Dogfish Head version. Trying to avoid all the mopeds and wine country, we've managed to hit up some foreign craft beer and had a great time doing it.  See you next time and hopefully we don't get lost.  Salute!


Beer Coasters World Tour - Italia



 In the spirit of all that is 'Merica, this week's issue of the Beer Coasters Podcast is for Mature Audiences Only...

For this year's 4th Of July Special, we let all the true 'Merican virtues pour into our glasses and spill all over the place because 'MERICA!  For our Fermentation Conversation, we completely dominate(except in soccer) with the Liberty Ale from Anchor.  Crazy Dave taxes your ass in circles with the Grand Am from Bear Republic, Mike capitalizes on the American Ale from Banner Brewing and Toby pumps his fist and loads his musket with a pint of the American Amber from Rogue.  Don't forget that the Framers were brewers and craft beer is THE most American thing that exists today!  'MERICA - FUCK YEAH!