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Weird Ale Drankovic

In this episode, Mike and Toby are going to Eat It and get Fat.  Maybe some Spam with some hot sauce.  They will definitely try some more weird beers, like the Sriracha Hot Stout Beer from Rogue .  Mike puts his head in the microwave to get himself a tan just before he dares to be Stupid with Coronado Brewing.  Toby then pays his respects to the Four Seasons Of Mother Earth - Spring 2015 by hiking down the Nature Trail To Hell.  Dedicated to the Weird Al and his 30 years of hit parodies we've all come to love.  Cheers!

Weird Ale Drankovic


Dead Men Sip No Ales V: The Search For More Booty

Avast there!  It be too late to alter course mateys and there be plundering, drunken pirates, drinking in every cove, waiting to board the Coronado Black Sails.  Sit closer together, keep your ready hands inboard.  We don't want any Lost Sailors now, do we?  Would that be the best way to repel borders?  We fly Captain Drake's Jolly Rodger high and be off to find ye Foley Brothers Fair Maiden.  And mark my words well, mateys: Dead Men Sip No Ales - The Search For More Booty.

Dead Men Sip No Ales V: The Search For More Booty


Drink Like A Czar (From Russia With Love)

In this episode, we pair up with Craft Beer Hound to help you "Drink Like A Czar".  By drinking like a Czar, we mean drinking some Russian Imperial Stouts, of course.  For our Fermentation Conversation we are joined by Tony Leone and we try The Czar from Avery Brewing.  Mike checks in with Money Penny to get info on D.O.R.I.S. The Destroyer, Tony avoids a T.K.O. with the Lights Out Stout from Charter Oak and Toby fits in a couple T-shaped and L-shaped blocks with the Imperiale from Ninkasi. Thanks for joining us and don't forget to visit for some cool beer gifts.  Cheers!


Drink Like A Czar (From Russia With Love)