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Episode 334 - WWJD

It's the age-old question. Religious scholars and historians have pondered this for a millennia: What Would Jesus Drink (WWJD)? Some may have found historical evidence that his beverage of choice was wine. Others believe it was a west coast IPA. In this episode, all three "beer historians" with mountains of credibility, will dig deep into this question while sitting in a Pew Pew at Five Churches. Mike will ask, "Follow Me" if you desire the truth and salvation. Tony, the Zealot, will ask forgiveness while he seeks to help the Lost And Found Toby. "Go forth", Christ said, "and drink my blood, for it was brewed for you".

 - Beer Coasters Podcast 334:1:1 

Episode 334 - WWJD



It's our season Se7en premiere and the forecast looks dark and gloomy.  Our future looks sinful and self-indulgent.  We have visions of the Four Horsemen, coming over the horizon.  Is Judgment Day upon us?  Can we keep ourselves from becoming what we most fear?  Do we have the strength to fight the Enemy Within?  All these questions may - or may not - be answered in this, our 298th episode of The Beer Coasters Podcast.  Cheers!