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Beer Coasters The Pale Ale Issue

Welcome to this weeks issue if the the Beer Coasters Podcast. This week we’re going with a craft beer staple, Pale Ales! For the Fermentation Conversation we’re checking out one of the most popular craft beers in the US, Sierra Nevada Pale Ale.

Also this week, Toby’s drinking Kona Brewing’s Fire Rock Pale Ale, Chris is having Real Ale Brewing’s Rio Blanco Pale ale, and Mike is tasting Smuttynose Brewing’s Shoal’s Pale Ale.

As always, thanks for listening and tell your friends.


p.s. Don’t forget your homework for next week.


Beer Coasters The Pale Ale Issue


Beer Coasters The Barley Wine Issue

For this weeks issue we’re making amends by covering wines. Ok maybe not. But we are talking about Barley Wines! For our Fermentation Conversation we’re covering Anchor’s Old Foghorn. Toby is drinking Full Sail’s Old Boardhead, Chris is having Avery’s Hog Heaven, and Mike is relaxing with some Ipswich Ale’s Castle Hill.


Beer Coasters The Barley Wine Issue


Beer Coasters The Longshot Issue

Welcome to another exciting issue of the Beer Coasters Podcast. This week we have a special episode dedicated to Sam Adams Longshot Series. We’re sampling the 2008 winners of the Sam Adams American Homebrew Contest. Which include the Cranberry Wit created by Carissa Sweigart, the Traditional Bock created by Alex Drobshoff, and the Double IPA created by Mike McDole.

Beer Coasters The Longshot Issue