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Beer Coasters Go To Beer Camp Issue

This one time... at Beer Camp...

We're packing up our things and heading to Sierra Nevada's Beer Camp. And guess who's coming with us? Greg from the OC Beer Blog, that's who. And he just happens to be one of the lucky schmucks that got to design one of the beers in the 2013 Beer Camp 12-pack, the Sleight Of Hand. Sitting around the campfire, telling stories about stealing rhizomes, sucking the yeast from the propagator and listening to the crickets (plenty of crickets).

Since there are three beers in the pack, we decided to do them in separate YouTube tastings. The first one up is the Beer Camp #93 Double Pale. Greg's beer, Beer Camp #94 gets it's moment as we get a lesson on how to properly taste it.  More discussions on what makes a craft beer end up in this week's show, so stay tuned for Part II(since this week's show is so freakin' long). Cheers!


Beer Coasters Go To Beer Camp Issue

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