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Beer Coasters Gone Nutty Issue


I will avoid all "nut" comments in this show description - there's plenty made during this week's issue of the Beer Coasters Podcast. Yes, we are reviewing Nut Brown Ales and discovering that some are not all as cracked up as they should be.

We begin the hunt with Ithaca's Nut Brown and discuss some craft beer issues from our nation's capital. With a quick trip up North, Mike cracks the shell of Peak Organic's Nut Brown Ale. Rolling out West, Toby spreads on the Nut Brown Ale from Tenaya Creek. Finally, Chris picks a Wooly Booger from Grand Lakes and can't flick it off. Poor Chris. More great Backwash finishes out the show, as well as pint ratings for most of this week's beers. Poor Chris. Cheers!

Beer Coasters Gone Nutty Issue