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Dragon Slayer: Viking Themed Beers

During the Dark Ages, Dragons were a terrible threat to the indigenous peoples of the Nordic world. Vikings were often called upon to slay many of these fierce beasts. Legend has it, the Draken was the most feared and most sought after - mainly for it's intoxicating Dragon's Milk. And, during the colder months, the milk would turn, making it resemble a sweet Coffee And Chocolate. Join your fellow craft beer warriors in this adventure into the world of Dragons and Vikings. Cheers!



Dragon Slayer: Viking Themed Beers



It's time to grab you're f**king shine box!  That's right, it's time for the GourdFellas to teach you a little bit about some pumpkin beers.  It's time to take you to the Pumpkin Patch, time to be Steadfast like Ichabod or some sort of Rumpkin.  Let's hope this story has a rise - without a fall - and entertains you.  What?  Like a clown? Do we amuse you?  Cheers!