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Ep. 318 - Stranger Beers


We've returned from "The Upside Down" and we've brought some other-dimensionally strange beers with us. Creatures that follow are Wicked with Malice intentions. The Beer Coasters must gather their wits, use the power of their minds to Bear It All and become multi-dimensional Guerrillas in order to survive. Join us for yet another Strange Beer episode. Cheers!

Ep. 318 - Stranger Beers


Dead Men Sip No Ales VI - The Calm Before The Storm

This be our sixth epic voyage into charted waters.  But, this is no ordinary journey.  These waters seem strangely placid and uneventful.  It seems months have gone by and the crew has seen no action.  Not a single Sea Hag to quench their thirst.  Aye, but this is merely the Calm Before The Storm.  So, me Buckos, have your Iron Balls at the ready - it's going to be a rough ride!  Cheers!



Intro music: "Escaping The Kraken" by Peter Crowley Fantasy Dream

Dead Men Sip No Ales VI - The Calm Before The Storm