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BeveRAGE Against The Machine

Are we welcoming our new tech overlords, or are we simply fighting the powers that be?  Either way, the Beer Coasters Podcast will keep rocking out.  Inspired by the Gods and crafted by man and machine, Tony becomes one with Ex Machina from Back East Brewery.  Mike is hailed as the Anti-Hero in a revolution of hops while Toby rages with the Deftones and their Phantom Bride collaboration.  Thanks for joining us in this fight against bland beer.  Cheers!

BeveRAGE Against The Machine


Episode 300

We have our shields.  We have our swords.  We have our beer.  It's Episode 300!  We shall march against all odds and against the forces that challenge our power, strength and loyalty to craft beer.  We shall smash our Bitter Rivals with the Palate Mallet.  We shall Sacrifice our enemies upon the fields of WAR.  For, WE... ARE... BEER COASTERS!


Episode 300