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Beer Coasters IPAdependence Issue

 With the 4th Of July just around the corner, we celebrate our independence by showing our dependence on IPAs.  Toby gathers the anvil, the TNT and a bottle of the ACME™ California IPA.  He even gives a brief history of the ACME™ brand.  Mike fumbles with his lighter after downing a pint of the Berkshire Mountain Brewers IPA.  Toby lights a couple Roman Candles and sips on the West Coast IPA from Green Flash.  And finally, Mike gazes in awe at the spectacle that is Mayflower Brewing's IPA.  Have a great 4th Of July.  Be safe.  Drink craft beer.  Cheers!

Beer Coasters IPAdependence Issue

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Reader Comments (1)

Subject: Summer Midwest Brew Fests
Message: Superstars,
Here is some info on Midwest Summer Beer fests
All Pints North - Duluth, MN 7/21/2012 put on by the MN Craft Brewers Guild. Should be a great time with a good amount of one-offs and limited brews. Right now it looks like only MN Breweries/Brewpubs. I recommend Figer's Brewhouse and Minneapolis Town Hall Brewery (both phenomenal brewpubs).


Great Taste of Midwest - Madison, WI 8/11/2012 by Madison Homebrewers and Tasters Guild. This is a huge festival and everyone I know who's been there say it is a blast. Issue with this fest is that the tickets sell out in one day (ie hours) and then they end up on ebay for like $150 a ticket (a la Dark Lord Day). Tons of special tappings and one offs from New Glarus, Surly, 3 Floyds, Founders, etc.


Great Nebraska Beer Fest - Papillion, NE (Suburb of Omaha). 8/25/2012. Great brews by Nebraska Brewing Company, Upstream Brewery (Brewpub), Funkworks, Summit, and Tallgrass. I lived in Omaha for 9 years and the Omaha craft beer scene (granted small) got me hooked.


As for the Land of Ice and Snow...Zeppelin's Immigrant song has been played at the start of MN Vikings games for as long as I can remember. Granted, I'm a MN boy, but I think it fits our winters pretty well.


June 29, 2012 | Registered CommenterBeer Coasters

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