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Beer Coasters World Tour UK Issue

It's 2012 and we're off to Europe on a month-long beer tour.  For the entire month of January we will be drinking beer from a plethora of European countries and probably getting yelled at by the locals.  In week 1, we stop in Heathrow (as many American tourists to Europe do) and swill a few English and Scottish brews - with Crazy Dave joining in on the debauchery.

First off, Toby rolls out a barrel of the Rum Cask from Innis & Gunn and tries not to get his kilt wet in the Loch.  Then, Crazy Dave spies a Hobgoblin in the Wychwood and shites his britches.  Mike has a go at the Yorkshire Stingo from Samuel Smith's whilst feeling a bit bugger all.  Toby uses his Eurail pass and heads back down to England to try the Bluebird Bitter from Coniston.  Crazy Dave hops Hadrian's Wall to get pissed on Brew Dog's Punk IPA.  And finally, Mike tosses a caber at Brew Dog's Paradox Macallan.

Thanks for all the Backwash and join us next week for more Griswald-like fun with the Beer Coasters in Europe.  Cheers!



Beer Coasters World Tour UK Issue

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