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Beer Coasters Memorial Wildcard Issue

Welcome to Season 3 of The Beer Coasters Podcast! Well, Issue #105, which makes it the beginning of our third year doing the show. In this week's Issue we grab some local favorite(and some not-so-favorite) craft beers for reviewing. We remember our troops as well as beers we've had in the past year by handing out the "One Tasty Guy" award for best beer. While protecting the Eastern Seaboard, Mike heads down a Slippery Slope from The People's Pint. Out West, Toby celebrates two years of the BCP with twenty-two years of Karl Strauss and the 22nd Anniversary Ale. In the middle of the country, Chris assembles Seal Team 6 and heads into Cave Creek's Chili Beer.

We hope you enjoy the changes to the show's content and please let us know by sending us some feedback(backwash@beercoasterspodcast.com). Cheers!



Beer Coasters Memorial Wildcard Issue

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Reader Comments (1)

Hey Guys,

I found some pretty good articles on trappist beers and Enkels:

"Peter Peeters has this to say: “A number of steps have already been taken to strengthen brand image of ‘La Trappe’ on the market, such as changing the house style in 1991 and the introduction of the ‘Quadrupel’ seasonal beer. In 1992 the commercial machinery was strengthened. ‘Enkel’ was launched in 1993, which means that the ‘La Trappe’ range currently consists of four beers, ‘Enkel’, ‘Dubbel,’ ‘Tripel’ and ‘Quadrupel’."

"From 1 January 2000 the ‘Enkel’ will disappear and be replaced by the ‘Blond’, so as to be more in line with market demands.”

A retired america version:


Another article:

Enkel - http://www.portchesterbeer.com/2010/02/belgium-beers-available-at-port-chester-beer/

This beer is the basic recipe for what is usually a range of three beers of increasing alcohol content. Unlike the words “dubbel” and “tripel”, it is currently not in use by either Trappists or abbey breweries as the name of a beer.

Another article:


Another Trappist beer, Enkel, which means single, was brewed following the resurrection of the Trappist Beers in 1980. This refectory beer was drunk by the monks, as an everyday beer, being relatively weak (5.5%). Like bread, beer is made from grain, albeit malted - during Lent the strongest beer serves as liquid bread, within the monasteries.

Most Trappist breweries brew a similar beer to La Trappe Enkel, which is not sold to the public. In late 1993, Enkel, which tastes like a slightly sweeter version of the Tripel - although a lot weaker it does not lack body - appeared on draught and in bottle. Initially the bottles were not labelled, but it then became a permanent feature of the commercial portfolio, the labels having the alternative name of Angelus. The other beers also have latinised alternative names: Duplus, Triplus and Quadruplus, but these no longer appear on bottle labels. Note that Enkel is no longer in the La Trappe range; in 2000, it was replaced by La Trappe Blond (6.5%).

From what I can tell, none of the Trappist breweries commerically produce an Enkel (Single) for sale at the moment. They still make them for their in house personal consumption. I wonder if Allagash Brewing has ever made an Enkel in the past, it seems like something they would do.

Cheers guys,

May 31, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterKevin

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