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Beer Coasters The Amber Issue

Remember Amber?  The one from college?  Yeah, that one.  Remember how it was malty, earthy, buttery and with just the slightest touch of hops?  Well, in this week's issue, we visit with a few Ambers.  Mike and Toby even share an Amber....

 In the Fermentation Conversation, Toby and Mike are spending some quality time with Amber from Anderson Valley, the Boont Amber Ale.  Back East, Mike is passing a note in class to Troegs Hop Back Amber Ale.  Toby bumps into Amber from Scuttlebutt Brewing and has a moment.  And Mike even gives his best monkey impression.

 We also follow up on the latest Hop Topic and even reveal some wall-to-wall action from our Facebook page.  Please enjoy the show and leave us some feedback: backwash@beercoasterspodcast.com


Beer Coasters The Amber Issue

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