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Beer Coasters The Oktoberfest Issue

Welcome once again to the Beer Coasters Podcast. In this issue we’re covering the coming of fall with Oktoberfest beers. We being with Sam Adam’s Octoberfest.

From there we head West where Toby is drinking Karl Strauss Oktoberfest. Then we move to the middle with Chris and Rahr and Sons’ Oktoberfest. We end our journey this week in the East joining Mike while he samples the Oktoberfest from Otter Creek.

As always, thanks for listening and tell your friends.




Beer Coasters The Oktoberfest Issue


Beer Coasters The Quad Issue

Welcome back weary travelers. This week’s issue brings us to our final stop in our three week pilgrimage to the Holy Land of Beer! Belgium!

It’s fitting then that we start with a brew that echoes the very construct of our program. As we three Disciples of Ale partake of the knowledge that is Ommegang’s Three Philosophers.

From there we make the trip East in our Victory V12. All the while knowing that Judgment Day would be arriving from the West by way of the Lost Abbey. Finally ending the day with our spiritual guide, our Center if you will, The Reverend from Avery.

Op uw gezondheid!



Beer Coasters The Quad Issue


Beer Coasters The Tripel Issue

Hello again my fellow Beer Aficionados. This week we continue our Belgian series with Tripels, Trippels, Triples. We begin our journey with our Fermentation Conversation and The Allagash Trippel.

For our tasting flight we start in the Middle with Chris and New Belgium’s Tripel. Next we head East and visit Mike while he enjoys Stoudt’s Triple. From there we travel back across the country and hang with Toby in the West with Brother David from Anderson Valley.

As always, thanks for listening and tell your friends.



Beer Coasters The Tripel Issue