Gone Fishin' Again
Friday, September 19, 2014 at 11:44AM
Beer Coasters

As the summer cools down, it's time to grab that rod and reel again and head down to the local fishing hole, in our second installment of "Gone Fishing".  And while we're there, how about we crack open a few beers?  Mike has a taste for red fish as well as white fish, so he baits the line with the Red & White from Dogfish Head.  Toby puts on his waders and slips into the Two Hearted Ale river, hoping to catch some trout from Bell's.  Finally, Mike can't get enough, so he hops on a local fishing vessel and heads out past the East Chop Lighthouse Ale from Offshore Ale Co.  We hope you're enjoying the show and would ask that you visit our Shop on the website to help support us.  Thanks and Cheers!

Article originally appeared on Craft Beer Entertainment - A Self-absorbed Beer Show (http://beercoasterspodcast.com/).
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