Beer Coasters Yogi Beer Issue
Friday, February 21, 2014 at 12:04PM
Beer Coasters

Relax... Breathe... Now bend... Stretch... Smell...  Sip... Taste...  Aaaaaahhhh.  Okay, enough of that - let's drink some beer!  This week we go all Ashtanga on your asses with some Yogi-themed beers.  We even have a very special guest instructor, Hipster Brewfus!  For our Fermentation Conversation and YouTube Tasting, we try Namasté from Dogfish Head.  Toby, joined by another guest, Kenneth, sip through their third eye the Indica from Lost Coast.  Mike goes downward facing dog with a bottle of Rising Tide Calcutta Cutter.  Crazy Dave pulls out his rain stick and tries the Beer Hear Kama Citra before Mike has a BONUS TRACK with the Java Sutra from Three Heads.  Thanks to Kenneth and Hipter Brewfus for joining us this week and thanks to all of you listening.  Cheers!


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