Beer Coasters World Tour Pacific Rim - Hawaii Issue
Friday, July 5, 2013 at 6:00AM
Beer Coasters

We are so outta here!  It's hot everywhere, so the Beer Coasters have decided to go on vacation.  Where are we going, you ask?  Somewhere tropical sounds nice.  How about the South Pacific?  OK, sure.  First stop - Hawaii.  Hula girls wearing nothing but grass skirts and leis, serving us bowls of guava, pineapple, passion fruit  - uh... back to the beer.  For our Fermentation Conversation, we catch the Big Wave Golden Ale from Kona Brewing.  Crazy Dave, along with Toby, take the outrigger for a spin with the locally-harvested Lemongrass Saison from Maui.  Toby is also sipping from Maui with the Mana Wheat and Mike stays on Kona with the Wailua Wheat.  Ukalaka hiki, I know you wanna lei me, see you in Japan.  Aloha and Cheers!



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