Beer Coasters Ghost Beersters Issue
Friday, June 28, 2013 at 11:48AM
Beer Coasters

If there's somethin' strange... in your saison... who you gonna call?

Ghost Beersters!

If there's somethin' weird... and it don't taste good... who you gonna call?

Ghost Beersters!

This week, we're bustin' ghosts and we're takin' names. First one on the scene is Mike, who totally gets slimed by the Green Monsta from Wachusett. Crazy Dave looks for the Gate Keeper after being possessed by a Fantôme Saison. Big Gay Scott joins us again (can't seem to get enough) and summons Zool the gargoyle for some Ruination. And finally, Chris tries not to cross the streams with a Ghostrider from Wasatch. We hope you enjoyed the show. Cheers!





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