Beer Coasters Star Wars Episode IV: A Brew Hope Issue
Wednesday, June 12, 2013 at 10:46AM
Beer Coasters

Hello, and welcome to the Beer Coasters Podcast Season 5, an entirely self-absorbed beer show devoted to bringing you the best and worst in mostly American Craft Beer, from Coast to Coast and every once in awhile  in between.

Lando Chrissian and the Yogi Fleet are on the run from the Bounty Hunter Boba Fett. Roba Fett has already captured their Wookey, Jack and R2-D-Tone, so  CD-PO joins up with the Imperial Rebellion while Toby Wan Kenobi fights off the Imperial Stout Troopers. Meanwhile, on Degobah, Mike Windu, the Devine Rebel, learns the ways of the force from Master Yoda...

During Last Call, Lando Chrissian was detained by Darth Vader for questioning, so his Pint Ratings are as follows:

Wookey Jack - 4.5 pints

Yogi - 3.5 pints

Also, check out our YouTube tasting of the Wookey Jack:

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