Beer Coasters A Very Yeti Christmas Issue
Saturday, December 28, 2013 at 10:45AM
Beer Coasters

Are you tired of the holidays yet?  Had enough Christmas cheer for one year?  How about one more Christmas Special?  But, this is no ordinary Christmas Special you see.  The Yeti Christmas holiday falls approximately three moons after the traditional holiday, celebrated on December 25th.  In the early hours, the whole Yeti sweat will sit around the campfire and eat the traditional Oatmeal and swap stories of Yeti Christmases past.  In the snow, they spot the prints of Doggie Claws.  Did he bring them gifts?  Did he bring them a snack of Frosted Frog on a stick?  Only if they've been good little Yetis.  If they have been naughty, it is said that the ghost of a Killer Penguin will appear and frighten even the largest and hairiest of Yetis.  We hope everyone had a happy and safe holiday.  See you in the New Year.  Cheers!

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