Beer Coasters The Wheat Wine Issue
Friday, April 27, 2012 at 6:00AM
Beer Coasters

The Wheat Wine style of ale is a strange one.  A lost beer, trying to find it's way in the world of hop-bombs and roasted-roastiness.  Although, we here at the Beer Coasters Podcast would like to "keep the wine out of the beer", we decided to venture into unfamiliar territory.  First off, Toby brings the box-o-wine beer called the Lemongrass Wheat Ale from Widmer Bros.  Chris then spreads on the paté and sips the Fourteen from Weyerbacher.  Mike hurries home in time to let his Old Powderhouse breathe a little before quaffing.  We really appreciate all the fantastic Backwash we got this week - keep it coming.  Cheers!

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