Beer Coasters Hoppy Father's Day Issue
Friday, June 17, 2011 at 9:15AM
Beer Coasters

What do all us Dads want for Father's Day?  Beer.  Well, beer with a lot of hops.  And not just any beer with a lot of hops;  American craft beer with a boat load of hops.  Now, we don't speak for all Dads.  Some Dads would be completely happy swilling a cold-activated can of watered down urine out on the lake, but they wouldn't like this show anyway.

This week, we invite Beer Coaster Chris back with one of the longest shows we've had in quite a while - the listeners have spoken and we listened.  Mike was unable to participate in this week's Fermentation Conversation beer, Sierra Nevada's Hoptimum.  But, Mike does transform himself into a beer-chugging machine with Ruckus Brewing's Hoptimus Prime.  Out West, Toby searches for that society where the hops are perfectly balanced with the malts.  A world of beer perfection.  Does he find it in Hermitage Brewing's Hoptopia?  And finally, Chris finds some Lost Gold in the hills(?) of Texas from Real Ale Brewing.

Thank you for all the Backwash - "It's your podcast, we're just drinking in it".  Cheers!


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