Beer Coasters The Valentine's Issue
Friday, February 18, 2011 at 5:00AM
Beer Coasters

Who needs flowers or chocolate or jewels?  We've got beer!  And yes, we know we're a few days behind, but that's OK.  Beer will forgive us.  For our Fermentation Conversation beer, we give our lovers what they really want for VD: A Little Sumpin' Sumpin' from Lagunitas.  Aaawww yeah!  We then discuss a few of beers with big hype behind them during our Hop Topic segment.

 Toby gives Swanton Rea's a box of Double Chocolate Stout from Irondale.  In the middle, Chris apologizes profusely with Southern Star's Buried Hatchet Stout.  It's probably because he brought another beer in the room, Lindeman's Kriek Lambic.  He says it was to make the relationship new and fun and exciting, but we all know it's because he's a region stealer!  And finally, Mike lays himself on a bed of roses and presents some White Gold from Ithaca.  It's from the Excelsior Series, so you know it comes from his heart.

 After Chris gets pointed out as a region stealer during Backwash, we have one of the strangest Tweet Of The Weeks.  Thanks for tuning in this week and don't forget to check out our Back Issues section on the website for some old shows.  It's never too late!  Cheers!

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