Beer Coasters The Anniversary Issue
Friday, May 21, 2010 at 3:00AM
Beer Coasters

Here it is Beer Coasters Fans!

Now begins Series 2 of the Beer Coasters Podcast. It's been a long year. We're amazed we've done it this long.

To celebrate, we pop the cork on the 30th Anniversary Fritz and Ken Ale from Sierra Nevada.

Next, we try something a little different. As we reflect back on the last year, we sample a few Anniversary Beers from across the country. In the West, Toby has the 21st from Karl Strauss. Chris celebrates 100 years of Shiner with the Commemorator. And in the East, Mike is trying the Chocolate Indulgence 10th Anniversary from Ommegang.

We hope you've enjoyed listening as much as we have enjoyed making the show.

Here's to many more years of The Beer Coasters Podcast!


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