Beer Coasters The Baltic Porter Issue
Friday, April 23, 2010 at 3:00PM
Beer Coasters

Following up on our theme of up and coming styles. This week we’re talking about Baltic Porters! We should be in for a little Roasted Roastiness this week. We decided to do 2 Fermentation Conversations this week and Toby has a Tasting Flight he just had to tell you all about.

For our Fermentation Conversations we start with a very special brew provided by one of our dedicated listeners(Market Street Mike). We get to sample the Sierra Nevada Golden Ticket, part of their Beer Camp series. Next we try out the Baltic Thunder from Victory Brewing.

From there we join Beer Coaster Toby with the Alaskan Baltic Porter.

Hope you enjoy listening as much as we did recording (hint: have a beer in hand while listening. It really helps.)

Thanks for listening.


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