Beer Coasters Thanks4giving Us Leftovers Issue
Friday, December 3, 2010 at 5:00AM
Beer Coasters

Just like those turkey sandwiches after Thanksgiving, we try some leftover beers that may or may not go well with said sandwiches.  We hope you're on a road trip, or possibly on a flight to Peru, because this issue will suck the life out of you and spit it back out in the form of Chicha.

Much like the Pilgrims did, we stop in Plymouth for more beer.  Mayflower Brewing's Thanksgiving Ale is our Fermentation Conversation beer and it couldn't beer a more perfect selection for post-Thanksgiving libations.  Just in the nick of time, Mike tries the Last Minute Stout from Cody Brewing.  With just minutes to spare, Toby swills the Midnight Sessions Lager from Port Brewing.  And in the in-between, Chris enjoys an Oatmeal Stout while hunting wild turkey in Grand Lakes Shadow Mountain.

We really appreciate you sticking around and let us know what you think of our new Beer TV segment.  Cheers!

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