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This Ancient Booze Is Now Growing Faster Than US Craft Beer

In 2014, craft beer is the establishment. In post-industrial neighborhoods across the country, micro-distilleries have begun to gin up… well, gin, alongside every other artisanal spirit you could think to drink. America now buys more wine than France and couldn’t help but reconvene on hard cider, the founding booze of this country’s forebears.

By this point, we’ve reinvigorated, reimagined, and re-upped every damn hooch category there is, but there’s still one alcoholic territory upon which we can exert our manifest drinking destiny: mead. Sure, it’s 9,000 years old, and it’s made from honey. But it tastes new, and holy hell, is it growing.





Have you moved, or considered moving, based on a local beer scene?

Have you moved, or considered moving, based on a local beer scene?


We realize this is a pretty ridiculous question.  It must be nice to be able to choose where to live, based on something that is more a perk or benefit.  What do you think?  Please post you comment below.




Craft Beer Dream Team

Firestone Walker Brewing Company (Paso Robles, California) Brewmaster Matt Brynildson puts together a brewer’s dream six-pack spanning multiple continents and styles. The only common denominator is quality. Emily Hutto got the scoop for the premiere issue of Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine™.


What's your Craft Beer Dream Team?




Growler Bill Pits Microbreweries Against Big Money Beer Interests


Brewers Push Back Against Proposed FDA Rule Restricting Use Of Old Grains

FDA, gotta stick their grubby little hands in everything...

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