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Small Breweries Acquired by Holdings Companies

The discussion this week is about small breweries that sell a portion of their brewery to third party entities.  Sometimes these parties are Holdings Companies that tend to assist in distribution and marketing expansion.  We here at the Beer Coasters Podcast would like to hear from you, our listeners, about this subject and your opinions.  Here are a couple links to some of the more recent Acquisitions:



Send us your thoughts and we will use them on the next episode.

hoptopic@beercoasterspodcast.com or you can call it in: 972.914.8502

Thank you


The ABV Race

Alright here we go. Our first Hop Topic where you the listener gets to participate.


So this week Schorschbräu announced the world's strongest beer the 43% Vol. Which in case you couldn't guess is a 43% abv beer. This is in direct response to the BrewDog Sink the Bismarck! announced last year which had an ABV of 41%.

What are your thoughts on this race and high ABV beers in general. Post you comments below or email to hoptopic@beercoasterspodcast.com or better yet call and leave a voicemail @ 972.914.8502

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