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Stone Brewery in Europe?

Here's a link to a recent story from NPR:

American craft brewery hops across the pond

 As you can see, it's still pretty vague as to the exact location of the Stone brewery.  If you have any additional information you'd like to share, post a comment below or send an email to hoptopic@beercoasterspodcast.com

Thanks and cheers!


Craft Beer Getting a Cable TV Spotlight

We've been hearing stuff lately about some Craft Brewers being involved in some shows for Cable TV.  Dogfish Head and Harpoon are just a couple that are currently being spotlighted.  Check out some of the stories we've attached links to below and give us your thoughts.  Personally, we here at the Beer Coasters Podcast belive that this could be great for the Craft Beer Industry and Community.  Listen to the "Farmhouse Ales" show, check out the links below and chime in!  Cheers!

Sam Calagione to star in "Brewed" from Discovery Channel

Food Network joing Craft Beer fray?

Filming for History Channel beer show pilot commences at Harpoon Brewery


BrewDog Sells World's Strongest Ever Beer in Road Kill

In our issue "One Crazy Summer", we talked about the latest ABV blast from BrewDog.  Click the link below to learn more about how BrewDog has pushed the envelope once again - in more ways than one!  Leave your comments here on the website or send an email to hoptopic@beercoasterspodcast.com

             Brew Dog Road Kill


Craft Brewers Using AB For Distribution

What do you think about small Craft Breweries using large Corporations like Anheuser Busch for distribution?  Some of the breweries in question are members of the Craft Brewers Alliance out of Portland, OR.  Kona, Redhook, Goose Island and Widmer Bros. just to name a few.  Some people have accused these breweries of "signing a deal with th devil", while others see it in a much moe positive way.  There are even talks of stripping these craft brewers of they're "craft" title for this very reason.  Check out a few of the links provided, give us you thoughts and we'll use them on an upcoming show.  Cheers!



Craft Brewer's Alliance

Beer Universe - Where Your Beer May Be Heading

Craft Brewer's Alliance - 2008 Annual Report




Beer in Cans!

For our next Hop Topic we wanted to discuss the recent trend of Craft Breweries canning their beers. What do you think of this trend? As of this post there are about 80 breweries canning their beers now. Have you tried any? Does it improve the quality? Let us know what you think.

US Craft Breweries now in cans

Send us your thoughts and we will use them on the next episode.

hoptopic@beercoasterspodcast.com or you can call it in: 972.914.8502 or just post a comment right here.

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